Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Eating healthy takes some planning and practice...

I never really understood people when they said they "forgot" to eat. I never forgot to eat. Fitting eating in was easy when I didn't care what I ate. Now I get it.

Without a plan, I'm having the hardest time eating enough. I'll fix food for the kids and keep wondering what to make myself until I eventually move on and forget that I never ate that meal I spent an hour thinking about.

Breakfast has been easy. Yesterday I had oatmeal with the kids and this morning I made us some eggs on a turkey sausage patty and sandwich thin.

Dinner has been ok, but lunch has been hard. I haven't had much for lunch because I have no plan of where to allocate my calories for the day and how to keep it well-rounded.

I need to plan a few more meals and start getting a repertoire of recipes so I don't sit and look at the fridge so long. It will get easier. Right now I keep struggling with lunch because I have no plan for dinner. I need to fix that.

We still don't have a/c. The kids and I have been doing fine and managing to keep the house from getting up past 78* by keeping windows open and fans blowing in the morning and closing things up around 10am.

Needless to say, my activity has been suffering a little. I can't even think about getting all sweaty with a run and not being able to cool off. So, we've been walking a lot. At least I'm getting out there. I've done an hour each day around the neighborhood and Sunday was spent walking around this place for hours.

We spent Father's Day walking around the MOA for about 3 to 4 hours. I'd say that makes up for missing a run!

I almost forgot - I have some Non-Scale Victories to share

1. I've been very conscious of what I eat. Even though I need some more practice with healthy eating, I've been paying attention to it and staying under my daily calories and getting a decent variety of foods.

2. While we were at the MOA, we ate at the Rainforest Cafe and I actually stayed on track. I looked up the different meals on MyFitnessPal and picked the Fish Tacos (not fried) and took one home. I'm happy I made the best decision I could instead of throwing the day away.

I can't believe I almost forgot the best one - COMPLIMENTS!

3. I usually get compliments from my husband out of habit like, "there's my beautiful wife." I don't even pay attention to them because he says it all the time, regardless of how I look. When I got back from the cabin, I got some genuine compliments. It's funny because he's not as free with those so he kept kind of sneaking them in and saying how good I looked. He also asked how much I lost and had to tell me how much he's lost. :) He's probably lost the same amount as me, mainly by cutting out regular sodas and limiting nighttime snacking.



  1. GREAT job! New follower here, from the blog hop! :)

  2. Sounds like you are doing awesome lady, and I can totally relate you having troubles with lunch! I buy the morning star chicken patties and chicken nuggets on hand so that I can pop those in the microwave when nothing else is tickling my fancy!! I cannot imagine not having AC, I would die if my house was 78!! yuck! I hope you get it fixed soon! Thanks for linking up!!

  3. Great NSV's! Lunch is difficult, but here are some of my staples: low carb tortilla with lean lunchmeat, brown mustard and lots of lettuce; low carb tortilla with Wholly Guacamole pack, turkey and cauliflower; canned chicken with black beans, corn and salsa; sauteed peppers/onions/mushrooms with roast beef deli looks like I eat a lot of deli meat, lol, but those are some of the quick grab things I make. I also eat leftovers from dinner. And at least twice a week I have my BAS (Big Ass Salad), which is like 4 cups of shredded romaine, cole slaw mix, peppers, cukes, broccoli, cauliflower...anything and everything! And my dressing of choice is Maple Grove Farms of Vermont FF Balsamic Vinaigrette, only 15 calories for 2T! Hope this helps!!

  4. Here from the link up! Nice job eating healthy! I'm not good at lunch either. Mostly because I want something filling but I don't want to use up all my calories for the day by noon. And your eggs look yummy!

  5. I have been UNDER eating this week, too. It's making me a little crazy, but you are so's the lack of planning. That is my goal for July--plan, plan, plan! Great NSVs this week!


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