Thursday, June 13, 2013

Non-Scale Victories (and a little cheat)

Love me some Non-Scale Victories on Thursdays. Excuse me for being a little late. I've been doing some of this...

Along with some of this...

I actually have quite a few NSV this week!  Finally!

1.  No usual cabin snacking!!!!!  Until yesterday (when I allowed 4malted milk balls) I had zero chocolate, besides my allowed animal crackers.  Even those I haven't been having each day.  I've found that a glass of light vanilla soy milk keeps me from late-night snacking.

2.  I have been sticking to my planned meals and making the majority of the meals up here.  This has helped SOOO much!  We haven't been following the exact days of my meal plan, but have fixed most of them and stayed super healthy.

3.  I have been tracking with MyFitnessPal everyday!  This is probably one of the biggest helps because I sometimes track before I eat the food and it keeps me conscious of how much I need for the day.  I have also stayed under my goal each day! (Add me! 2Momma2)

4.    I finally got over the hump of C25K week 4.  That thing was kicking my booty!  So, when I finally completed it, I was so nervous for what Week 5 would bring.  I am so excited to say - I did it! I ran all three of the 5 minute stretches and it felt good!  I don't know if it was running in the morning or the new routine, but it all felt great. Which brings me to...

5.  I kept thinking about my morning run all day.  I run the same circle each time and one loop around is roughly a mile.  I usually complete two circles with my 30 minute run/walk.  When I did the 5min run, 3min walk, 5min run I basically completed the circle.  I began to think I could run the whole thing.  I went back out int he evening and RAN THE WHOLE CIRCLE!  I'm not going going to say I ran a whole mile, but I'm pretty sure I ran 8 or 9 tenths of a mile in 14 minutes.  Not fast, but steady running!  I think I have only run one entire mile without walking in my life.  Woohoo!

Amazing week!  I could leave it at that, but I have to cheat a little.  My official weigh-in day is Friday, but guess who saw a glimpse of ONEderland tonight?  That's right!  Very excited.


  1. Wow. So much great NSV this week. I am having a hard time to tracking my foods in daily basis. Congrats to you. Have a great weekend.


  2. Congratulations on the run! I can go about 1/3 of a mile before calling it quits. You're well on your way to a 5K!

  3. Great week! I have basically built in 70 calories a day for my chocolate needs. I save those calories for my snack pack of MMs. Great week and great run!
    Lulu and Daisy


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