Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Looking pretty trim, Dude

That's a direct quote from my dad.

Pretty great way to start the day.

I wish I had taken the time to take some measurements. I feel like my 20 pound loss is really evident in my post-babies belly, but have no measure. My mom has also noticed at my face is getting thinner.

Thank goodness!

That is one thing that I can't stand. I have larger cheeks anyway, but they have really gotten big and I can't stand to see them in pictures.

So, you'd think all this positive feedback would give me some extra motivation to stay on track.

Not so much.

After prepping for 2YO's birthday all morning and afternoon, I finally got my lunch in sometime after 2 and I was starving. After my nice healthy wrap, I attacked the jalapeƱo Cheetos and M&Ms. We're talking, right from the bag, no measure of how much I consumed. Ugh...

I had a bad moment, but dinner was great and I'm determined not to do even worse tonight. I plan on having a glass of light vanilla soy milk and if I absolutely have to have something after that, I will limit it to a small amount of animal crackers or oyster crackers.

Stir fry!
...and some chicken.  Yum!

Tomorrow is 2YO's birthday party. Yikes! I will be surrounded with cookies, cake, and candy. My plan is to eat well all day and indulge in a piece of amazing chocolate cake, and maybe a cookie. The rest of the week better be amazing, because the DietBets end soon and I want to go out with a bang!

How on earth has it been two years!?!

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