Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weekly Goal - that's right, goal - keeping it simple

I have been rocking it these last three weeks.  This weekend... I stunk it up big time.

I've gone over my cals each day and have snacked like I haven't done in weeks.  I'm like a madwoman when I get one bite of something naughty - I can't stop!  We have 2YO's birthday coming up on Wednesday and I stocked up on all sorts of goodies I shouldn't have.

I'm nearing the end of my DietBets, so I shouldn't start slacking now.  I don't think there is a chance I could fail, since I would have to gain 6 pounds, but I don't want this great streak to end.

I know what I need to do.

I need to meal plan like I did a couple weeks ago.  Although, I have no clue where I'll find the time between now and Wednesday...

Well, anyway.  Let's check out those weekly goals

Goals for this week:
  1. It is going to be HOT this week and we have no a/c until we replace our 20-year-old unit.  So, my main goal will be to get my booty active regardless of the heat.  Easier said than done because my plan was to get a run in today and that never happened...  I didn't do the greatest, but I did make sure to get the kiddos out for hour walks each day.
  2. Plan some meals for home like I did for the cabin.  I've been having trouble coming up with meals now that we're home.  Largely due to the fact that I don't have help with the kids, desperately need to go shopping, and can never plan on what time Hubby will be home.  It needs to be done, though, or I'm really going to have a hard time.  Failed this one...  Still needs to be my goal.
Goal for this week:

My one and only goal is to meal plan.  If I can do this, I can get on track and the rest will fall into place.
Operation Skinny Jeans


  1. You can do it, Mama! It will fall into place somehow.

  2. Meal plan!!! It is so important to plan ahead. I know it is difficult when you have your hands full already, but it is the key to success. Good luck this week. Forget last week and start fresh!

  3. Whoop Whoop!! You can do it! I have faith!!


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