Friday, June 21, 2013

Low and high

Weigh-in day: down 1.8 but up in calories consumed...

Let's talk about the good stuff. I am down 14 pounds from my official DietBet weigh-in. Although I have to add a pound or two to account for the ipad I was holding to take the pictures the first time around, so it's not quite 14. But still! How great is that in a month?

Today was the first day I went over my calories. I'm not quite sure how it happened... I only got in a half a banana before sending the kiddos off to Grandma and Grandpa's and I had nearly a pound of cooked cauliflower for lunch (Mmm... I could eat that all day).

I though I was all set for date night and could order pretty confidently if we ate out. I even packed my snack for the movie: 2 servings of oyster crackers and 1 serving of chocolate animal crackers.

After the movie we did a huge trip to Sam's to stock up for 2YO's party.  He will officially turn 2 on Wednesday.  I picked up all sorts of things I can't eat, but I'm just going to have to put the leftover things away until the fourth when I can cheat a week and get back into a couple more bets.

After unloading all the groceries, Hubby and I decided not to go out to eat because the weather sirens were going off and we were under a severe thunderstorm warning - not exactly the time to head out someplace.  I heated up some leftover ribs and broccoli and must have had entirely too many ribs, because my cals jumped up pretty fast.

While I worked on party decorations, Hubby sat next to me snacking.  I couldn't resist a few mixed nuts while he had them out and then I decided it would be a good idea to try the nut, popcorn, M&MS mix I plan on throwing together.  It was so hard to stop!!!  I did track it all, at least, but I felt like I let myself down a little.

One week left until the final DietBet weigh-in.  I'm about 6 pounds past my goal (less because of the ipad weight), so I'm pretty positive I'll be fine.  Even my weakness tonight wasn't nearly what it would have been a month or two ago.  That's progress!


  1. Everybody goes up and down on the calorie range, and you are doing fine!!! This being your first time to be up, and losing weight and not being up any other time... Girl, you are a beast!

  2. You've got it in the bag, Mama! Can't wait to see the final weigh in!


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