Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekly goals - June

Operation Skinny Jeans

I only set one goal last week and today I did it! Better late than never, right? :)

I joined two diet bets and stand to lose $55 if I don't lose the weight!

I'm still really nervous about this.  Is there anyway to lose money even if you lose your weight?  I KNOW I will lose because I am way too cheap to lose that much money.  I'm just always nervous about something that sound too good to be true

Want to join in?  It's over on the 3rd so we can overindulge on the forth (and start all over again!).

My goal this week:  

Do what I have to do to lose - cut back on portions, cut back on crap, get running a bit more, etc...


  1. I have done a diet bet, and they are 100% legit- as long as you lose you AT LEAST get your money back, but likely a whole lot more. I didn't lose on mine, so I've been cautious about doing another, but they're definitely a great way to keep yourself on track! I'm a new follower from the weekly goals linky. :)


  2. Thanks Sarah! Things like that make me so nervous! I spent $55 so I better lose some lbs! I'm Hopi g this will be so e good motivation for a supper cheap Momma!

    I'm following you back! :)


  3. I am fearful of diet bet too. i am super STINGY though. i dont spend money on anything except booze...and food and more booze :P!

    I like how you goal is just simple. Like here is the deal, gonna get this, any way i need to! I like it. Might try that next week :) Can't wait to hear how you did!

    1. I'm sooo stingy too! I'm hoping that is why this will work. So far so good - day one hahaha! :)


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