Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Non-Scale Victories - I'm working on it!

I don't exactly have any non-scale victories this week.

I'm working on it

Since finally joining two DietBets (it's not too late to join the DietBet, it just started yesterday! I have been committed to staying on track. I will not lose that money! I have tracked my food (MyFitnessPal 2Momma2), not eaten any chips or chocolate, and started meal planning so I won't have trouble at the cabin.

I got creative with leftovers tonight. I used half of 2YOs bun for sloppy joes (which I would have loved to have since that particular recipe was delicious) and sliced it into two super thin pieces. I spread a really thin layer of Hidden Valley Farmhouse Originals Southwest Chipotle dressing (yum!) and added lettuce and my fish. It was sooo good!

Half a bun, cut in half :) it actually looks pretty thick! It wasn't...

I'll definitely have some NSVs next week - I'm counting on it!

So, here is my official Non-Scale Victory: I finally got some cute clothes for working out! I may have already posted a picture earlier today, but I'm that excited about them. I'm also happy that I' committed to keeping up with running, even though it is totally hard for me, enough to justify buying the clothes and that I feel like I'll be comfortable wearing them in public.

Finally going to look like I'm serious instead of some old slob in baggy clothes
attempting to move faster than the speed of snail!



  1. LOVE the new clothes, the delicious looking meals, and the meal planning for the cabin!!! You go girl! Also-- I just tried adding you on Myfitnesspal, but I'm a Lame-O and can't get it to do it. My name is bw165052 on there!

    1. Thanks! I love the nights she you check in - so fun!

      I was just messing with MFP and changed my user name to 2Momma2 to limit confusion - the other one was super old. I haven't figured out how to add friends yet, mostly because I haven't ever used it as much as I should. WhenI do, I'll add you!

  2. That tank is super cute! Where did you find it? I love getting new workout clothes. It always makes me feel more confident at the gym. :)

    1. Thanks! I got them all at Kohls for $23!!!! I had a $10 off and a 30% - it was a good day. :)

  3. Love those workout clothes! I always look like a slob when I workout, but I have noticed that I am starting to get the itch to have cute workout clothes, I never really understood this before, but now I totally get it!! That dinner looks amazing!! You will kick those dietbets fannies!! Keep up all of your good work and thanks for linking up with us!!

    1. I'm usually a total slob! It's either a baggy Beer 30 shirt or baggy Menards shirts! :). So, not only do I look like a all, I look like a man. I needed these clothes for function even more than cuteness - that post-baby belly I earned makes my pants roll down and shirts roll up - not good!

  4. Love the workout clothes! Keep it up!


  5. Super cute workout clothes! Thanks for linking up on MFP, too! I do great and then forget to log dinner until the next day. At least I'm accountable. :)
    Have a great weekend!
    Lulu and Daisy

  6. Love the workout clothes! You are doing so well and I can't wait to read about what other nsvs you have this week! Sorry it took me so long to reply to you linking up! I was finally able to fix the issue and the linkup will be good to go on my blog again this thursday :)


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